Take a look at some of the services we offer to help ensure your retirement, financial, and investment needs are met with efficiency and satisfaction.


Most people do not have a financial plan. We believe it is critical to have a plan to help you worry less in retirement. We act as a catalyst to help you clearly define your objectives and organize the necessary data to protect with a mutually agreed upon plan.


Your investment strategies need to align with your goals and risk tolerance. Even though technology has made portfolio analysis available to the customer, most people do not have the time or interest to do it themselves. At Ostlund Wealth, we believe that protecting your hard-earned money is the key to a successful plan during what we hope will be a long and prosperous retirement.


Prior to retirement, the primary questions are always, “When can I retire?” and “Will I have enough money to last my lifetime?” After retirement, the determination of how and when to withdraw money from savings becomes the focus to make sure your money lasts as long as you do. Our services will outline a strategy for the distribution of assets in retirement aimed to meet cash flow needs that considers inflation, capital preservation, technological change, and tax mitigation. We offer strategies to help create a guaranteed income stream you cannot outlive, so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve.


A major part of a successful retirement plan is creating more stable and consistent income. At Ostlund Wealth, we help our clients create a guaranteed income stream from their qualified 403(b), 401(k), or 457 plans.


At Ostlund Wealth, we focus on helping our clients create tax diversification to hedge against higher tax rates in the future. We understand how money works and our team can help implement strategies for businesses, charities, or individual plans. Understanding the distribution phase of money, as well as the accumulation phase, will help protect and create a legacy for the ones you love.


At Ostlund Wealth, we discuss beneficiary designations on all accounts and their implications. We recommend strategies for asset protection and the transfer of wealth, including but not limited to long-term care, insurance review, and charitable giving.